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Sven Dinklage

Sven Dinklage is an experienced cross-cultural and management trainer, coach, facilitator and HR consultant as well as an expert for brazilian culture. He lives and works in Brazil.

After obtaining his Master in International Management from ESCP Europe (studies in Paris, Oxford and Madrid), a project first led German born and raised Sven to Brazil in 1998.  He spent 10 years holding various management positions in marketing, sales, stategic planning and international project management for an international company in the automotive industry in Brazil. This authentic business experience in the Brazilian context in combination with an 18-month-course as executive coach at Instituto EcoSocial in Sao Paulo, various certifications in intercultural communications and his personal involvement in Brazilian society through his Brazilian wife are the backdrop to his independent intercultural consultancy and training work.

The focus of Sven’s work is on training and coaching sessions for international and Brazilian executives,  multi-cultural team workshops in the Brazilian context, and various HR consulting services and assessments. He is certified for several additional training and coaching tools, amongst others as Trust Practice Leader for Brazil. Sven works in German, English and Portugese/Brazilian, and has a very solid knowledge of Spanish and French.

Augustin-KramannAugustin Kramann

Augustin Kramann is coach and trainer with  a passion for communication & behavioural training.

Augustin brings a rich and diverse background to his work. After studying chemistry and pharmacology and working for some years as a dispensing chemist he went into teaching. An additional part of his personality led him to train as a professional actor, first in Paris and Los Angeles, then at the GIMS – the Russian University of Theatre Arts in Moscow. While acting and camera works continues to be an important part of his professional life, he eventually integrated elements of acting with his teaching experience to develop training and coaching concepts.

A Trainer and Coach since 2004, Augustin’s foremost goal is to help leaders and teams improve their communication and feedback processes and more generally the way people interact in collaboration. He sets his interventions up to create a safe environment for reflection and experimentation with a strong focus on practical and experiential work. Typical elements of his interventions include various forms of role play and acting, mirroring, working with body language and voice as well as using film for participant feedback. He is very committed to make the learning actionable at the behaviour level in daily life. Augustin works in German and English.


Prof. Dr. Bruno Leblanc

Bruno Leblanc advises CIM Consulting on strategy development and collaboration management

Bruno studied law and political science at the „Institut d’Études Politiques“ in Paris and later on received his doctorate in economics from the University of Oxford. He then spent several years in economic research in London. Between 1969 and 1979 Bruno was Professor and Dean at the French Grande École / Business School HEC. From 1979 to well into the 90s he was the Director of EAP, European School of Management Studies (today ESCP Europe) which at the time offered the most radically international graduate course of business studies with one year in each of three European countries. He also started an ambitious programme of cooperation with Asian companies. He has since returned to teaching, research and consulting activities.

Bruno has himself investigated and experienced the meaning and the many implications of internationalising a business school including the development of collaborative structures between five locations of equal significance. The subject of international collaboration and international strategy development remain today one of his major areas of interest. He is a French national who has lived and worked in France, the UK and Germany for many years. He speaks French, English, German and Polish.

Isabelle-MonnotIsabelle Monnot

Isabelle Monnot develops leadership seminars and workshops, coaches and counsels leaders with a strong focus on adressing their concrete, real life challenges.

Isabelle studied pedagogy and developed already at that stage a special interest for the way organizations learn, team dynamics and for a systemic approach to the psychology of communication. She developed her competence further through a three year course in systemic organizational development and complemented it with courses on coaching (Wolfgang Looss), Body Language, and „Learning from the future“ (The U-Process, Otto Scharmer). Isabelle is of German-French origin. She works in German, English and French from her two bases in Berlin and Freiburg.

Isabelle has developed seminars and workshops for leaders for more than 20 years as well as supporting them through coaching and counselling sessions. Her main focus is on developing a clear leadership profile, communicating effectively and solving conflicts. She addresses key issues, such as how leadership can give orientation in today’s environment, how leaders generate trust and commitment and how diversity in perspectives and understanding can be put to use for the vitality of the organization. Customers value her concrete, hands on approach, working on real life issues and concerns, in combination with a very respectful attitude that allows her to gain people’s trust rapidly. Her approach is inspired by many years of experience and a big repertoir of methods and tools, but equally by using creativity, humour and a good sense of proportion.


Dr. Heike Pfitzner

Heike Pfitzner is a consultant for organizational and leadership development with a profound expertise for the Russian culture.

Born and raised in former GDR, Heike Pfitzner studied pedagogy and psychology in the communist era Soviet Union and received her doctorate in developmental psychology in the newly unified Germany of the early 90s. This personal experience of cultural change introduced her to the intercultural field. In 1997 she started her own training and consulting business STIC with an office in Hamburg and another one in Moscow. Heike continues to develop her professional competence through various licensing courses and regular participation in relevant professional conferences and events, amongst others in communication  (Schulz von Thun), organizational change (Neuwaldegg) and the U-Process (Otto Scharmer). She is a coach and a facilitator of large group processes

Heike’s focus is on supporting leaders and culturally mixed teams comprising Russians or working in Russia to drive successful business development and change projects. Her customers hold her in high esteem for the profound knowledge and intuition she has about the Russian culture and context – a consequence of 25 years of interaction with and learning about Russia – but also for the variety of methods she uses, her communication and diagnostic skills and her customer orientation, grounded in her systemic background. Heike works in German, English and Russian.

Susanne-TaylorSusanne Taylor

Susanne Taylor is coach, facilitator, moderator und intercultural expert with a very international background.

Susanne’s own background has provided her with broad experience and deep understanding of issues that can arise from cultural differences. She grew up in Alaska with summers spent with grandparents in Austria and Italy, completed her Master in Intercultural Relations in Oregon/US, lived, studied and worked in Taiwan and Japan and finally relocated to Germany in 2008 .

She  has been facilitating across cultures for more than 20 years.  A certified coach,  she works with global corporations to build and facilitate multicultural and virtual teams, develop and deliver experiential learning journeys, support multipliers in their transfer of knowledge and develop communication across sectors. Her passion is to develop creative and experiential learning activities to help generate innovative approaches. Susanne works in English and German.