We  develop leadership skills to drive collaboration across boundaries.


Leaders play a key role in facilitating international collaboration, specifically on the one hand to mobilize the talents and insights of every member across all cultural, virtual and other boundaries. On the other hand to integrate these differences into something that is more than the individual parts and creates synergies and learning. It is about creating a collaborative, inclusive environment where people become committed to share the best of themselves for common goals.

We offer different seminars, trainings or workshops that address the specific mindset, competencies and skills required to create such an environment. Currently our offer is structured into four separate subjects. These overlap in parts, but have each a different focus and specific content and building blocks. Coaching sessions allow for very individualized, deep interaction on these subjects.  We are happy to combine or develop interventions that are designed to your needs.

Leading across


Trust in

Virtual Teams

Our interventions pursue a number of overarching objectives that we deem essential for the international context:

  • Leaders increase both their confidence and their awareness and empathy in dealing with diversity.
  • They understand the greatly important role that trust and orientation play in international teams and learn mechanisms to foster both.
  • They develop an awareness that, as a leader, they can and they have to shape culture – team culture, work culture – and they learn about the levers to do so.
  • They reflect and understand how their own behaviour as a role model impacts their collaborators and teams.
  • They learn ways  to inspire, influence and mobilize collaborators internationally.
  • They learn skills to promote collaboration and integration

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